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Helpful Information for our Customers

From your legal completion date, please direct all your enquiries to our Customer Service Department on the contact details below.

During office hours

All issues arising during office hours should be reported to the Head Office or direct to the Customer Service Department. This will generate a formal record of your contact and enable a swift and efficient response. Where manufacturer warranties and guarantees are in place please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for contacting their Customer Service facility.

Customer Service Office Address:

158 Bye-Pass Road




Telephone: 0115 925 5100

Email: service@westermanhomes.co.uk

Your Customer Service Manager is: David Stothert

Out of hours emergencies

Home Emergency Assistance

At W. Westerman Limited we are constantly striving to improve our services.

We also provide an out of office hours Home Emergency Service. The Home Emergency Assistance provides cover for emergencies to ensure that we can always provide our customer with a swift response, day or night, including weekends and bank holiday ,should an emergency situation arise.

Should you experience a plumbing/drainage, electricity or primary heating emergency, please telephone Safeguard on 01207 503 293 your name, address and postcode will be sufficient information for the call to be instigated.

Removal companies

As soon as we advise you of your legal completion date, you can then start to prepare and make arrangements to ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. You should consider how you are going to move, whether it by doing it yourself or by hiring a professional company.

If you decide to go with a professional company, please make sure you shop around. The lowest price may not always give you the best service. Try to go with recommendations where possible. You should check your insurance and the removal company’s insurance to guarantee your belongings are adequately covered in transit. Remember to confirm the booking once you have a fixed completion date to move.

New home warranty

When you purchase a new home from Westerman Homes, you can be confident that it has been constructed to our high standards. As a result the new homes come complete with a ten year warranty from the NHBC (National House building Council)

The warranty provides a guarantee that runs for a ten year period to cover you against any major structural damage to your new home. For the first two of these ten years the Westerman Homes Customer Care Department will be on hand to assist you should you have any issues with your new home.

Your new home demonstration

Prior to legal completion, you will be invited to view your new Westerman Home.

Please be advised that you will need for this to take place during normal office hours (Monday to Friday).

Our Westerman Homes representative will tour the property with you to make sure that you are happy with everything. Following the demonstration if there are any items that require attention you will be asked to sign an inspection sheet and retain a copy for yourself.

In the event of any remedial works being required Westerman Homes will endeavor to have these completed by moving in day. Please bear in mind however that this may sometimes not be possible and in this case we will ensure the works are done as quickly as possible with any inconvenience to you kept to a minimum. Please be advised that items such as turfing, seeding and landscaping could be outstanding when you move in. These will be carried out in the next appropriate planting season. The final surfaces to roads, footpaths and the connection of street lighting etc may not be in place: these will be completed in accordance with our build programme.

Moisture content within the property

Please be aware that a large quantity of water is used in the construction of many new properties, through the use of plaster, concrete etc; this will naturally dry out over a period of time. During the early period occupancy we recommend only gentle heating to avoid excessive shrinkage cracks occuring.

Use of window (trickle) vents

The trickle vents should be left open to allow sufficient air flow to assist in the drying out process. The vents must not be sealed off or obstructed.

Heating levels during early occupancy

The heating levels should not be too high during the first few months of occupancy as extreme heat can cause excessive shrinkage and cracking. A temperature of around 21°C (69.8 ºF) is recommended.

Storage of items in the loft space

It is important not to overload the roof trusses as they were only designed to take the weight of the roof loading. Storage of large items in the loft can also obstruct the air flow, causing condensation to form.

Direction of service routes

All services generally run vertically from the switch, socket or radiator. Care should be taken when fixing items to the wall in these areas. It is suggested you use a detector.

Meter locations

Meter locations will be identified and explained to you. The water meter is read from a touch pad located outside the property. Isolation of incoming services. The locations of the isolation valves on the water, gas and electric meters will be identified to you.

Independent isolation of sinks, basins and WCs

The sanitary ware can be isolated independently via the shut off valve on the hot and cold feed to the basin taps and WCs. This is done by operating a wheel or by using a small spade end screw driver to turn a screw.

Refuse bins

On our Field Farm development we arrange the supply of your refuse bins your bins with the Local Authority for when you move in .

Operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance of the following will be explained and demonstrated to you.

Heating System – including importance of keeping all servicing records Windows and Doors Sanitary Ware Kitchen – Utility Appliances Garage Door

Health and safety when visiting a construction site

The safety of our visitors, customers and workforce is of utmost important to us, whilst on our sites, in our offices and when visiting your home. Visiting your home prior to completion Building sites are potentially very dangerous and heavily regulated in Law to minimise danger and accidents. Public access without strict control and supervision is prohibited by Law. We may be able to arrange limited access for you, subject to working conditions, although during the main structural stages of construction this will not be possible. During these stages, we may arrange safe viewing points outside of the construction area. Visits may only be arranged by specific appointment with your Sales Advisor. You will be advised of and be expected to comply with the specific safety requirements for your visit and will be temporarily provided with suitable protective clothing such as hard hats, high visibility jackets and safety footwear appropriate for the site conditions. You are required to remain close to the accompanying member of staff at all times. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in areas where protective clothing is required. Entrance to the site unaccompanied is not allowed.

When you take occupation of your home, construction works may still be in progress on adjacent areas of the development. These areas will be fenced off but access roads may be used by construction traffic. We will seek to limit any inconvenience, but urge that you maintain safety awareness.

Complaints Procedure

In the event of a complaint arising please address your concerns in writing to the Managing Director, W. Westerman Limited, 158 Bye Pass Road, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5HQ

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Westerman Homes have been providing high quality homes at realistic prices for over 85 years and purchasers can feel content in the knowledge that their new home has been tastefully designed and constructed. We will also do everything we can to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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Walter Westerman started his own business in 1933 and Westerman Homes is still a family run business with the same philosophy of providing high quality homes at realistic prices.

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Westerman Homes will do all we can to help you move, as such we have listed some of our commonly used services which we hope you will find useful.

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You could buy a Westerman home with only a 5% deposit and gain funding up to 20% of the purchase price - Please note this is only available to first time buyers, with a maximum purchase price set at £261,900 in our area.

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