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The Top 5 Home Improvement Trends

2nd July 2021
The Top 5 Home Improvement Trends

The Top Five Home Improvement Trends Over half of us intend to enhance our homes in 2021, according to new research by Rated People. This might not come as a surprise as the pandemic meant we spent so much more time at home, but the UK’s focus on home improvements hasn’t waned even now we’re starting to return to a more normal life. So, what are people planning? 1 - Top of the list is a fresh coat of paint! When you buy a Westerman Home, this is already included, but for those not planning a move, this seems to be the priority. Blues and greens have been popular colours in the last year, as people have sought to add a calming feel to their homes. 2 - Next on the list is a new carpet. Wood floors are still popular but as people have looked to add a more warm and cosy vibe to their home, installing carpet is the favourite for many. Beige and grey carpets are still the favourites, with a growing trend to add texture and colour with a patterned or bright rug. 3 - Homeworking is still the ‘new normal’ for many people, is creating a home office is part of lots of homeowners’ plans. 4 - Next on the list is a kitchen refurbishment. One of the many benefits of buying a new home is that a shiny, new kitchen is included, but if you don’t intend to move this year, maybe a new kitchen is on your to do list! 5 - And the fifth and final home improvement the study found people wanted to make? A home bar! Lockdown measures meant we spent much more time socialising in our gardens, and clearly, people are happy for that to continue, creating their own mini version of their favourite bar or pub.

HOWEVER, instead of making home improvements, you’re interested in a whole new home, get in touch with us quickly, as we only have one home remaining on our Field Farm Neighbourhood. And it not only comes with a beautiful new kitchen, and a fresh coat of paint, but also comes with carpets, blinds and curtains! Contact us on 01159 229806 or by email at fieldfarmsales@westermanhomes.co.uk to find out more.

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